News from TSI

We at the Turner Syndrome International Group [TSINT] are delighted to officially launch our website to the Turner Syndrome Community Worldwide.

Turner Syndrome International Group [TSINT] offers an opportunity for Turner Syndrome Groups throughout the world to share information, good practice and literature with each other. Our aim is to improve knowledge and understanding about Turner Syndrome worldwide.

TSINT was formed at the International Conference hosted in Japan in November 2012. A meeting was held with all International Group Leaders and it was decided that we would set up this website to improve communication between groups. We are very much in our infancy at the moment it is our intention to work together and support each other by sharing information, knowledge and experience worldwide.

TSINT enjoys a good relationship with relevant specialists worldwide to promote a good basis for education and management of Turner Syndrome. We are forming an International Advisory Board details will be available on the website soon.

We are supporting Mexico as the host of the 9th International Conference in Cancun, Mexico in May 2016. Details will go on the website as soon as they become available.

We will manage the bid process for the 10th International Conference in 2019 or 2020.

Any group wishing to be part of our group should send contact details and a brief description of their group to be put on the website.

All groups are welcome e-mail Arlene Smyth – President of TSINT with the details This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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