Growth Awareness Week

Annual Growth Awareness, it’s not about height. It IS about children’s health!

growth_awarenessThe 3rd Week of September is Children’s Growth Awareness week.
United with members of the International Coalition of Organizations Supporting Endocrine Patients (ICOSEP) from around the world, we kick off our Children’s Growth Awareness campaign on Monday, September 15, 2014. People hang posters in their car windows, hand out flyers at work or their child’s school, post flyers on work place memo boards and place hangers on neighbors doors or on the outside of mailboxes and doors during this week.


People from all corners of the world unite online and change their Facebook profile and Banner pictures to the exact same one with the exact message. It is a BIG world- so working together as one—we hope to be heard and help children everywhere!
We send personal emails to our friends, family and post messages to Facebook and online groups about the importance of children’s growth. The messages, facebook pictures, tweets and emails are already prepared so that the only thing families have to do is copy and paste a united message.
It takes only minutes to complete and we hope our friends forward the message along to more friends. The simple message can save the future health of affected children and adults throughout the world!
United, we make more noise than we can by ourselves. We have only been conducting this online campaign for three years, but our combined efforts have reached families around the world and changed children’s lives! Children with previously unidentified syndromes have received medical attention!
Join us and help save a child!

True or False?
growth_posterParents who complain that their child is too small, or developing too early or late are simply trying to make “designer” kids.
FALSE. Parents who face real growth problems want their children to be healthy. The MAGIC Foundation parents are not embracing medical treatments for cosmetic purposes. For our children, there is a true medical need. These medical concerns and the legitimate medical treatments are often overshadowed by the sensationalized abuse of vital medicine such as growth hormone, by high profile celebrity and sports figures or anti-aging enthusiasts. So we take to the net to shout to the world…OUR KIDS DESERVE CARE! IT IS NOT JUST ABOUT HEIGHT-IT IS ABOUT THEIR HEALTH!
What good does spreading this information really do?
Our simple message has helped concerned parents find online educational resources and experienced medical professionals….quickly! Serious problems like brain tumors have been identified with enough time to make a life long change for children.
Why should you get involved?
If/when you were searching for answers for your son or daughter…wouldn’t you hope that someone somewhere would spend 5 minutes once a year—to help? It is that simple and that important! Alone, we cannot possibly make enough noise to get the attention of the world…but together….we just might!
How you can help!
When it is time…send one email to your friends, family and everyone you can. Ask them to forward it on and continue the chain! There are a variety of Do’s and Don’t-s that we have learned (see links in the menu column) to make your time short and successful. Everything is ready for you to just copy, paste, email and print! It’s that simple! You could be the one person- whose email changes a child’s life! You don’t have to be a member of the Foundation to participate-just someone who cares about kids. Click and like the Facebook link below to stay in touch with the activities or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive an email reminder on the first day of the Growth Awareness Campaign. Please put Growth Awareness Reminder in the SUBJECT of your email and let her know what country you live in so that we can send it to you properly. Thanks!
Team MAGIC!!! Ordinary people doing extraordinary things together!!!

Keep up with the Growth Awareness Day Campaign
“Like” the Growth Awareness Facebook Page or MAGIC’s main Facebook page.
Thank you!
Together we are MAGIC!