The International Coalition for Organizations Supporting Endocrine Patients [ICOSEP] is a revolution in support for endocrine patients, families, affected adults and the medical community.

It is an voluntary umbrella association representing individuals, organizations and groups who are impacted by a variety of medical conditions impacting children’s growth. ICOSEP is directed by an independent board of global member organization leaders and hosted by the international division of The MAGIC Foundation, US.

ICOSEP’s Mission is to unite local/regional support organizations and medical professionals into a global network for the sharing of information, experiences, advice, and exchange of resources and materials helps groups swiftly and effectively advocate for patients.

A prime directive for the ICOSEP Coalition is: to improve the identification timeline of growth impacting medical conditions, promote valuable and quality information, and to encourage long term health improvement for affected children and consequently adults via early identification.

Membership in ICOSEP is free. However, organizations and medical groups must meet specific criteria for membership approval.

See Membership Description, ICOSEP Constitution and International Networking pages for details. http://www.magicfoundation.org/

Hello Everyone!
It was wonderful to see those of you who could attend our annual meeting in Lisbon. We learned much from each other and had a bit of fun too!
For those of you who were not able to join us, we have been busy and will try to get you caught up.
After much work, many examples and voting, we have our official symbol for our annual Children's Growth Awareness Campaign!
This year's International Children's Growth Awareness Campaign begins on 19 September but our primary online push to send emails, change our social media pictures and post on our websites is Tuesday the 20th.
We have built Facebook artwork and other items for you to personalize to your organization, language and country. If you need assistance, or layered artwork, please email me (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for assistance. To see these and additional artwork options available please visit: HERE    [http://icosep.org/childrens-growth-awareness-campaign/international-childrens-growth-awareness-day/artwork/ ] Visit the http://icosep.org website to see the latest newsletter, and other information which may be helpful to you and your group.

Our Facebook Cover picture for the Growth Awareness campaign! The photograph of the child can be changed to suit different cultures. We have artwork without the photograph and without the text available (see below) and via the link provided previously. I am available if anyone needs special assistance.
This is the the basic English example of the Facebook banner including text and numbers. The blank spaces are necessary so that when you load the artwork to Facebook...they work correctly.
This is how the artwork works with your logo's inserted. (MAGIC was used as an example for you.)
Here are 2 examples of how this artwork flows on computers or mobile phones.