Board minutes

Countries Present: Japan, UK, Canada, USA, Mexico, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Holland, Norway, Australia.

We were all welcomed by Dr Fujita who resides in Japan and who was the host country. He was very pleased that this meeting was represented by so many countries.
Arlene Smyth introduced herself as the Executive Officer (TSSSUK)
and explained the reason for holding this meeting and she had explained that she was delighted that at last we had all managed to get together to set up and run an International Committee for further International TS Conferences.
Arlene suggested that perhaps 1 person from each country that had already hosted an International Conference could represent their country and be involved in putting together future International conferences.
Australia suggested that we start off with a small committee with perhaps 7/8 representatives from several countries.
Canada agreed small committee to start off with but have a system that other countries not on the committee will be involved so that everyone is updated on a regular basis.
USA was unamious about the above and thought to keep things small to start off with so it would be a gradual progression for all the countries to get used to this new way of organising the International conferences.
It was suggested that if there are more than one country that wants to host the next International Conference then a bidding system will have to be adapted. The country would then have to have sponsorship, the conference would have to be medical/social based and perhaps Theme based.
Australia suggested that there should be 4 to 5 mandatory key points that the country should adhere too before their bid can be accepted.
Arlene will set up an International Website where each country can have their own page. This means that each country can share their medical reports and social events and this would also mean that all the latest literature can be shared around the world.
Everyone liked this idea and thought the website was a great way of keeping in contact with everyone. A small contribution from each country would set the website up and running. As yet an amount has not been arranged but as soon as we get costs then each country will be notified of costs which we think will be a small amount.
It was suggested that Arlene Smyth (UK) would be the Chair and Sean Kenny (Australia) would be the Vice Chair of this new International Steering Committee.
There was no objections to the above proposal unanimously agreed and therefore we have the following countries also on the Committee :
We are hoping to have a Medical Advisory Board and hopefully with all this knowledge we will be able to help every country that needs support. Some professional have already put their names forward to get involved in this ie: Dr Gerry Conway (UK) and Dr Fujita (Japan).
To start organising the next International Conference it was suggested that the Committee would need the interested countries bids by 31 January 2013. These bids will then be circulated to all the countries and a country will be chosen.
Australia has offered to do a template for all bids and has offered their services to those countries that are interested in bidding.
International conferences will be held at least every 3 to 4 years.
Mexico showed an interest in hosting the next International Conference. Mexico do have the facilities and they are sure that they could get sponsorships and they have quite a lot of medical professionals that would attend. No other country showed any interest at this time.
It has taken us quite a few years to achieve what we have just done in two hours so it was lovely to come away with something that is very positive and at least we are all heading in the same direction and our goal is just the same as every other country.

Meeting closed at 9.30pm

Mrs Susie Wall
Chair TSSS (UK)