Profiles of the TS organisations in countries around the world.

The Turner Syndrome Support Society [UK] is a national charity caring for the needs of those with Turner Syndrome throughout the United Kingdom.

The Society offers support, advice and information to both girls and adult women with Turner Syndrome, their families and friends.

The Society enjoys a good relationship with relevant specialists to promote a good basis for education and understanding of the management of Turner Syndrome. Communication with other support groups, both domestic and international is important and offers the opportunity for an exchange of ideas to help develop awareness and greater understanding of Turner Syndrome throughout the UK and worldwide.

Members of the Society receive regular copies of ASPECTS, the TSSS newsletter. The title of the newsletter has been chosen to reflect its intention to cover all aspects of Turner Syndrome from day to day living, medical issues, research, education, social issues and more, within the newsletter.

Membership offers access to a membership network for social contact with others who share the same interest and concerns. Local Friendship groups operate in several areas of the UK.

Each year the Society holds an annual conference and a number of open days around the country, sometimes with a theme i.e. Education & TS, HRT & TS, but always with a social element. Experience has shown that one of the most important needs of those with TS and their families is to have contact with others who share their experiences. Parents of young girls, adults and teenagers with TS benefit enormously from meeting each other at these events. Lasting friendships are formed, especially amongst the teenagers with TS.
TS is a ‘cradle to grave’ condition and as such requires medical treatment throughout life. The Society actively promotes the setting up of ‘one stop’ adult clinics for those with TS and the smooth transition from paediatric to adult clinic for teenagers with TS. Enquiries about TS from health, education, social service and other relevant professionals are welcomed. Promoting greater awareness of all aspects of TS amongst the general population is one of the aims of the Society.

A number of information leaflets and guides are available from the TSSS For more information and membership details please contact: Turner Syndrome Support Society, 12 Simpson Court, 11 South Ave, Clydebank Business Park Clydebank G81 2NR, TEL: + 44 (0) 141 952 8006 FAX: +44(0) 141 952 8025
e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit

Above: Ladies at Conference 2012, Teens at Conference 2012, Scottish 25th Anniversary, Girls at Conference 2012.
Registered charity number 1080507/SCO37932.