Board members

I am Arlene Smyth the Executive Officer of the Turner Syndrome Support Society [TSSS] I have been involved with Turner Syndrome since the birth of my daughter Kylie in 1987. I started the Scottish TS Group in February 1988 and we continue to meet on a regular basis today. I was then Chair of the UK Turner Syndrome Society which ran under the umbrella of the Child Growth Foundation. In 1997 after hosting an International conference it was clear that there were a lot of different needs across the country. To enable us to meet as many of those needs as possible, I along with a committee of dedicated volunteers started the Turner Syndrome Support Society [UK] in 1999 we held our first AGM, it took three years of hard work, determination and a wonderful team to be able to take on a member of staff.

I have been working full time for the TSSS ever since I am proud to continue to build the TSSS into the successful organisation it is today. The TSSS has become such a large part of my life that it involves my whole family. My husband Peter helps out at conferences and in the office when ever he can. My daughter Kylie who has TS is now a successful young woman and a committee member of the TSSS. My daughter Carlene works part time in the office with me. My Granddaughter Emily attended her first TS event at 10 Days. So when I say the TSSS is one big happy family I mean it.

During the last 26 years I have attended a number of International & European TS Conferences. Hosted and attended many UK conferences. I have enjoyed each one and learned a great deal from meeting others throughout the world. At the International Conference in Japan in November 2012 all the international groups met and decided to establish the Turner Syndrome International Group [TSINT] I am proud to be President of that group.