Conference bids

To all Turner Syndrome Societies

As you know, due to Covid the Turner Syndrome International Conference 2020 was cancelled. It is with regret that the Turner Syndrome Support Society UK is not able to host it anymore, due to the financial liabilities and uncertainties. We now open the bidding process to other TS Societies, as a few countries have been in touch and expressed an interest.

The Turner Syndrome International Group [TSINT] is calling for bids to host the 10th International Turner Syndrome Societies Conference in the next few years. We recommend as much notice as possible. To allow people to plan and seek sponsorship. Please note that the Turner Syndrome International Group accepts no liability for TSINT conferences. We do offer support and information and will help publicize the event.

TSINT would like to invite bids from TS Societies worldwide expressing an interest in hosting the next International Conference in the next few years. Previous conferences have been hosted by Denmark in 1988, Spain 1991, Canada 1994, UK in 1997, Chicago in 2000, Australia in 2003, Denmark in 2009, Japan 2012 and Mexico 2016.

National societies who may be considering submitting a bid should be aware that they would need to provide facilities for delegate numbers between 200-500 people. Depending on the size of the host countries national group, for example Japan had 300 national delegates and 60 international delegates attending. Ideally, delegates attending will be single adult women, couples and families with young children and that suitable economical accommodation would be required. The programme for the conference should cater for adults with TS [single & with partners], young women with TS, and parents of both young and teen girls with TS. In order that parents with small children should be free to participate fully in the conference, it is desirable that childcare be provided. The programme should ideally be a balance of scientific/medical living day to day with TS and having a concurrent social programme is also important.

The aims of holding an International TS Societies Conference are to bring together people from around the world to share with each other and the medical profession their experiences of treatments and attitudes to TS. To promote further research into TS and to further friendships with those who live with TS and their families.

The International committee is made up of previous host countries. We will be pleased to offer advice, help and support based on their experiences as hosts, to any TS society seeking to host the next international conference.

Guidelines for submitting bids:-
1. Reason for wishing to host the conference and previous experience.
2. Practical organisation: e.g., venue, date, accommodation, childcare
3. Funding e.g., sponsorship? registration fees [if any]
4. Programme: medical and social, speaker, theme?
5. English should be the language of most presentations or translation be provided such as Japan offered.
6. Consider all the financial risks and accept responsibility for them.

Bids should be submitted by 1st September 2023 in order that they may be circulated, and preferences gathered. Our aim would be that the country whose bid is successful and has been chosen to host the 10th International Turner Syndrome Conference in the next few years would be informed by 1st December 2023.

Bids should be sent by e-mail to Arlene Smyth This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. they will be circulated ASAP upon receipt.